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Meet Chunyang Ding

Short bio: 
Chunyang Ding is a physicist working on novel implementations of quantum computing, currently living in Chicago, IL. He graduated from Yale University with a B.S. in Physics, and had worked in the labs of Professors Michel Devoret (superconducting qubits, microwave resonators), Nir Navon (ultracold atoms, potassium MOT), and Marla Geha (satellite galaxies, statistical analysis). He was previously an associate physicist at IonQ, a trapped ion quantum computing startup, and is currently working in the lab of Professor David Schuster, designing new superconducting circuits. Besides his passion for quantum computing, Chunny is an avid reader of thoroughly researched non-fiction, and is enthusiastic about scientific communication. He enjoys practicing guitar, cooking new recipes, and playing board games.

Who inspires you?
Randy Pausch, John Bardeen, my parents

What are you fans of?
Ken Liu, Seattle Seahawks, deep conversations with a good cup of green tea

Why did you choose to study physics?
Being able to build something that not only leads to a better understanding of the universe, but also becomes a transformative technology that could benefit billions.

Why did you choose UChicago?
Best quantum computing center in the world – the overlap of different expertise in quantum computing here, on all different levels (grad student, postdoc, professor) is one of a kind!

What are the best things about your PhD program?
Best things about PhD: Close knit and supportive community within the department, fantastic interdisciplinary resources and connections to answer all of my questions

What was the best surprise about UChicago or life in Chicago?
How beautiful the city of Chicago is – and the winter wasn’t as terrible as I feared! UChicago was also so much more welcoming than I had expected – people were eager to connect and help one another.

If you could share any advice to your colleagues, what would it be?
Get a cheap bike – the lakefront trail is great!
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