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Meet Whitmaur Castiglioni

Short bio: 
I’m a 2nd-year student from Philadelphia. I have had an interest in neutrino physics since undergrad. I work in the Vieregg Group where we use Greenland’s ice sheet as our particle detector in the RNO-G collaboration.



Who inspires you?
Steve Irwin is an inspiration to me even though the field he was in is vastly different from the one I am now in. I feel like there’s a certain sense of discovery that exists in both fields. This sense of discovery along with the incredible kindness he showed to all, provides me a template for how to approach the world.    

Where are you fans of?
I enjoy almost all the work Danny Devito is a part of.

Why did you choose to study Physics?
I believe the biggest questions you could ask can only be answered by studying the nature of the universe. You get satisfying answers to why the sky is blue or why atomic clocks work. And while these questions are already answered, you can take part in answering questions we still have even those questions we have not even thought of asking yet. 

Why did you choose UChicago?
The research at this institution was extremely strong overall and there were many people active in neutrino physics (my sub-field of interest). 

What are the best things about your PhD program?
The group I am a part of now is extremely collaborative and I always feel supported in any task I perform. Also, the cohort I entered with was filled with amazing people that became friends and I learned a lot from them. 

What is your favorite soup?
My favorite soup is alphabet soup because any question I could ask will be answered eventually with enough time due to random chance. 


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