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Open House 2024

Thursday, 2/29–Saturday, 3/2

PhD Program

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Meet Our Graduate Students

Ugur Alyanak
Kim Lab
Quantum Science
Anuj Apte

Theory Group
Theoretical Physics

Whitmaur Castiglioni

Vieregg Lab
Experimental Physics

Yunjia Bao

Theory Group
Particle Theory 

Tanvi Deshmukh

High Lab

Yi-Hsien Du 
Theory Group
Theoretical Physics
LaNijah Flagg

Murugan Lab
Statistical Physics

Gabe Hoshino

Miller Lab
Experimental Physics

Aurora Ireland

Theory Group
High Energy Particle Theory
George Iskander

Habib Lab
Computational QI

Jordan Kemp

Bettencourt Lab
Complex Systems

Ruchira Mishra
Son Lab
Soft Matter

Matteo Sabato
Irvine Lab
Soft Matter
Lynn Tung
Schmitz Lab
Matthew Schmitt

Vitelli Group

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