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Meet LaNijah Flagg

Short bio:
I was raised in the south suburbs of Chicago. I attended Hampton University, an HBCU in Hampton, Virginia where I studied physics and mathematics. I currently balance life as a dancer in the MVMT Dance Company and a second-year physics student in the Murugan lab.  


Who inspires you?
My parents inspire me by setting an example of how to maintian a healthy work life balance. They both pursue their ambitions while dedicating ample time to their family and their friendships.

What are you a fan of?
I am a fan of the SeaHawks because they have the best uniforms in the NFL, but if you run into any of my family from Chicago tell them I said the Bears.

Why did you choose to study physics?
I chose to study physics because it challenged me more than other fields of study. It was also the only class where I could keep asking why and keep working my way toward an answer. The challenge of answering my own questions continues to excite me.

Why did you choose UChicago?
I chose UChicago because I knew I could earn a quality education while staying close to my family. Also, I knew I would need the work life balance that comes from living in a city in order to do well in a PhD program.

What are the best things about your PhD program?
The best things about my PhD program are: the suppport, the research opportunities, and the people I have met here.

What was the best surprise about UChicago or life in Chicago?
The best surprise about UChicago is how much support is offered from everyone. I have never been denied help when I’ve asked for it whether that be from peers, professors, or administrators. 

If you could share any advice to your colleagues, what would it be?
My advice is to definitely ask for help when you need it, decide your own path, and place high value on building genuine friendships to help you along the way.

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