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Meet Ruchira Mishra

Short bio: 
I am a third-year PhD student in the theory group. I work with Prof. Dam Son and Prof. Luca Delacrétaz. I use field theory methods to understand quantum many-body systems. Before coming to UChicago, I did my undergrad at IISER Mohali in India.


Who inspires you?
The people around me! I am surrounded by amazing individuals with whom I love interacting. I learn something new from them every day, and they make me a better person!
What are you fans of?
I love to dance. I learned Bharatnatyam as a kid, and after coming to Chicago, I have started learning ballet. Apart from that, I enjoy my daily workouts (I am a huge Caroline Girvan fan!!!) and cooking.

Why did you choose UChicago?
After undergrad, I wasn’t sure about which area I wanted to work in during my Ph.D. I had applied to the high-energy theory group but also wanted to explore other areas. What drew me to UChicago was the absence of a rigid divide between different theory subfields. It’s one big theory group here at UChicago and we all talk to each other all the time. This lets me focus on physics as a whole without being bound by subfields.

What was the best surprise about UChicago or life in Chicago?
There’s always something happening here! Whether it’s a jazz concert, play, or a swing dance session, UChicago (and Chicago in general) always has so much going on! There’s always something new to try!

If you could share any advice to your colleagues, what would it be?
Work at a pace that is sustainable for you and take good care of yourself!

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